Aljoša Danieli

Aljoša Danieli, Msci, MD, Specialist in Psychiatry, and GP

Deals with neuropsychiatry. His clinical work, based on the integration of neurology, psychiatry and general medical practice, is aimed at the treatment of patients with mental disorders as effects of neurological and internal diseases.

Qualifications and Titles:

  • graduated from the Medical School of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (1993)
  • passed the State Licensing Examination in Psychiatry (2000)
  • Master of Science Degree (2007). Thesis title: The Influence of Endurance Training on Modulation of Heart Functioning Via the Autonomic Nervous System in the 50-Year-Old Examinees
  • education in the field of cardiovascular dynamics at the Institute of Physiology at Prof. Gojmir Južnič
  • education in the field of sports medicine in the Centre of Sports Medicine at head physician Vanja Vuga
  • additional education in Slovenia and abroad in the field of general neurology, extrapyramidal diseases and dementia under mentoring of Prof. Dr. Zvezdan Pirtošek
  • consultant psychiatrist in the field of neuropsychiatry in the Centre for Extrapyramidal Diseases of the Neurological Clinic in Ljubljana
  • member of Medical Council of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, for neuropathic pain, and member of Medical Council for lumbar spine disorders

Work Experience:

  • University Medical Centre Ljubljana , Centre for Intensive Internal Medicine (1994 - 1998)
  • University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana(1998 – 2009), he worked at the Reception Department of the Neuropsychiatric Ward
  • Expert collaborator in the Neurological Clinic in Ljubljana, Clinical Ward for Neural Diseases (since 2000)
  • Medical Centre Barsos (since 2011)