Nada Perovšek Šolinc

Nada Perovšek Šolinc, MD, Psychiatrist

Deals with the diagnostics and therapy of psychiatric disorders as well as individual and group analytic psychotherapy.


  • graduated from the Medical School of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • passed the State Licensing Examination in Psychiatry
  • postgraduate study in neurophysiology at the Medical School of the University of Ljubljana
  • postgraduate study in psychotherapy
  • graduate study in group analytical psychotherapy

Work Experience:

  • psychiatrist on the Ward for Mental and Neural Illnesses of the Military Hospital in Ljubljana
  • head of B Wards in the University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana
  • outpatient work at the Centre for Out-of-Hospital Psychiatric Activity in Ljubljana
  • The Psychiatric Clinic Rudnik (since 2007)

Membership in Expert Organisations:

  • Slovenian Society for the Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Psychoses which is member of ISPS (the International Society for the Psychological Treatments of Schizophrenias and Other Psychoses)
  • Group Analytic Society of Slovenia
  • Slovenian Medical Association